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Regular Cleaning   This service is recommended for ongoing customers. It’s designed to keep the maintenance cleaning in perfect condition.

Deep Cleaning   This clean is recommended for new customers. If you choose this option the ongoing service will be priced at Regular Cleaning’s rate.

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Alexandria, VA

House Cleaning

We’re Maid to Please, one of Alexandria's most trusted house cleaning services VA. We’ve earned our reputation through hard work, perseverance, and incredible services. We never provide anything less when it's time to clean a home. We treat your place like it is our own and that means we go above and beyond to ensure that your home is left clean.

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Every client that we serve is special to us and we go above and beyond to provide outstanding cleaning services that prove the fact. You are so much more than just another client to us. There are many house cleaning services VA, but there is only one Maid to Please. Don't learn this lesson the hard way when we're here to please!

When do you need us to come clean? We understand that every homeowner has different needs. We accommodate those needs by offering various cleaning schedules. We’ll come out to clean daily, weekly, or bi-weekly to ensure a clean home. Many people prefer to hire us to regularly clean their home. It saves time and provides such an immaculate list of additional benefits as well.

Or, if you prefer, we offer one-time cleaning services. Many people hire us to clean before they put their home on the market. Some people call us out when the holidays roll around and the family will be coming in and out of the house. When you need us to clean, we're always one call away! There is never a wrong time to call us out to clean your home when there is a major event coming up in your life. Deep cleaning service is yet another service. When you hire us for deep cleaning services, we’ll make sure no nook or cranny is left uncleaned.

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We Love to Clean Your Home

Cleaning is a tiring chore for most people but for the house cleaners at Maid to Please, it’s more of a hobby. Most people clean the home to ensure that it is not messy and unsanitary but they have a million other things they'd rather do than clean. But, our team of cleaners is the exact opposite of the average person. We enjoy every single minute we spend cleaning the home. We take the time to do things the right way to ensure that we surpass expectations. It is rewarding to know that we've cleaned another home! We'd love to add your name to our list of satisfied customers. Rest assured our professional maid doesn’t provide anything less than a superior clean. One room or the entire home, rest assured your place will sparkle and shine when we’re through.

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Unsurpassed Cleaning Skills

Sure, anyone can sweep a floor or clean the windows, but not everyone has the cleaning skills that leave a home impressively cleaned. But we have those skills and bring them to every job! When we're finished cleaning the house, all that is left to sit is smile. It feels good to sit back and relax rather than spend your time cleaning the house. Our team is there to ensure that you get off your feet and spend your time doing the things that you love the most.

Whether you want to enjoy family time with the people that you love the most or want to catch up on reading that great book, you will have all the time needed to get that done when you hire us to clean the house. Call us to learn more about our house cleaning services Alexandria VA and take the modern approach to clean the home. We'd love to show you why we're a top name that so many people in the area continue to trust to keep their home at its very best.

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Valued Cleaning Services, Amazing Prices

House cleaning services Alexandria VA are inexpensive, despite the thoughts of many people. Even homeowners with modest budgets in place to spend to hire a cleaning service will find it easy to arrange cleaning services with us without hurting their budgets. Don't take our word for it when it's easy to learn the facts firsthand if you are ready. We bring old-fashioned values to the modern world. This means that competitive prices and exceptional service are always yours. Call us to request a free, no obligation estimate. Use this estimate to compare rates with other professional maid Alexandria VA companies. We're confident in our prices and think that you'll be happy with the prices that you see from our professional maid Alexandria VA!

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Professional Cleaning Service

Some house cleaners prove to be unprofessional, unreliable, and otherwise strenuous to work with very quickly after you've signed a contract and handed over your hard-earned money. How frustrating this type of experience! We vow to be the company who surpasses expectations when you need quality house cleaning services. When you hire us for house cleaning services, we'll arrive on time, prepared to clean the house. We value your satisfaction and do not leave until we're confident that you're satisfied with the results. We stand behind every job for even more assurance in our work. Our customers are number one and you'll learn that it feels good to be put first for a change.


Maid to Please

And nothing makes us happier than cleaning your home! When you need a professional maid VA that provides personalized attention and care to your home, you’ve found the crew that will go above and beyond to take care of your needs. You don't become a trusted name in the industry if you're not among the best. Find out firsthand why so many people use our professional maid to clean their home. Let us know your cleaning needs and we’ll take care of the rest. Personalized cleaning services ensure that your home sparkles and shines, no matter the areas that you want us to clean. Don’t look any farther to find a professional maid VA!

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