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Regular Cleaning   This service is recommended for ongoing customers. It’s designed to keep the maintenance cleaning in perfect condition.

Deep Cleaning   This clean is recommended for new customers. If you choose this option the ongoing service will be priced at Regular Cleaning’s rate.

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Turn to Maid Service in Ashburn VA to Make Your Home Sparkle

At Maid to Please, we know how important it is to provide you with house cleaning services in Ashburn VA that will live up to your expectations. Your home is supposed to create a welcoming environment every time you step in the door. Our Ashburn maid service will work with you to keep a cleaning schedule that works best for you.

Why Call Maid to Please?

Our maid service in Ashburn VA is here for you when you need assistance with your housekeeping needs. Whether your work schedule is too busy, you aren't able to clean your home to your satisfaction, or you have a special occasion, you can call on our skilled team for house cleaning in Ashburn VA.

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Schedule House Cleaning Services to Meet Your Needs

You are in charge when it comes to hiring our house cleaning services Ashburn VA. Contact us when you want a thorough spring cleaning after the winter months. We'll freshen up your home and make every room shine. We'll give it the attention it deserves. In addition to spring cleaning, call on us for:

Cleaning before special occasions and the holidays

Weekly cleaning

Bi-weekly cleaning

Monthly cleaning

Maid to Please is here to please you. We want your home to meet your expectations when you walk in the door. Schedule our services on a weekly basis if you don't have the time to keep it in tiptop shape. Otherwise, bring us in every other week or once a month to maintain a sanitary, attractive home. You'll not improve your emotional well-being when you settle into a clean living space. You'll safeguard your health when each room is disinfected on a regular basis.

Cleaning Services in Ashburn VA
Best Maid Cleaning Services in Ashburn VA

What Can You Expect from Maid to Please?

Our staff at Maid to Please puts your satisfaction at the top of our list every time that we clean your home. Your kitchen and bathroom will be dusted and surfaces will be cleaned. The floors will be mopped, You can expect disinfecting in your bathroom as well. When it comes to the other rooms in your home, dusting and vacuuming will create a refreshing atmosphere when our team has completed the job. The more often we come, the easier it will be to keep your home in first-rate condition.

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Services Offered on a Rotating Schedule

Every time that Maid to Please comes to your home, we'll attend to the rooms you specify. Dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and disinfecting are regular services. We also offer additional services on a rotating basis. Each time we come, one of the following will be addressed:

Concentrated cleaning in the bathroom, including scrubbed tiles and spot cleaning

Concentrated cleaning in the kitchen, including spot cleaning and the baseboards

Extra attention to furniture and carpeting in other areas of your home

Maid to Please Ashburn VA Cleaning Service

We Aim to Please

When we send a team of cleaners to your home, you can expect quality service every time. Each member of our staff has passed a background check prior to hiring. In addition, their experience counts. We want talented cleaners who are efficient and pay attention to details in your home.

We also offer you the opportunity to personalize your service. If you would like a certain area of your home to get more than the usual amount of attention, let us know. If you are preparing for a momentous occasion, we'll help you to give your guests the red carpet treatment. No need to worry about allergies or harming the environment.

We can use products that are environmentally friendly upon your request. We'll clean your home your way.

Let Us Help You Feel Good About Your Home Sweet Home

We want you to have a good feeling the moment you step in the door after a long day at work or when you have been away. Let our team of cleaners at Maid to Please create a living space that gives you a warm welcome every day. Don't worry about tidying up before we come. You've hired us to put your home and order. We'll make sure it's spic and span when you get home.

Office, Business and Condominium Cleaning at Ashburn

Our building maintenance solutions can be customized to meet our exact needs

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