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Regular Cleaning   This service is recommended for ongoing customers. It’s designed to keep the maintenance cleaning in perfect condition.

Deep Cleaning   This clean is recommended for new customers. If you choose this option the ongoing service will be priced at Regular Cleaning’s rate.

   (Save 25%)

2 Weeks
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Professional Maid

A professional maid comes out to your home to tidy things up. They’ll come out daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your preferences. House cleaners tidy the home from top to bottom, removing even stuck-on dirt and grime from all areas of the house. Or, pick and choose specific areas of the home for the cleaning crew to tidy. People who use cleaners save time and enjoy life far more than people stuck in the house cleaning for hours on end.

It’s the small details that matter most, so we've always been told. Our cleaners take the time to provide attention to detail when cleaning your property. Your satisfaction is of great importance to us and we care about your needs. Call us for house cleaning services in Montgomery County, MD when you need a cleaning professional that puts the small details first.

What We Clean

We clean apartments, condos, mobile homes, offices, houses, and common spaces, too when you call us to schedule house cleaning services in Montgomery County, MD. If it’s dirty, our experts bring their supplies and love of cleaning to your place. Just call us to request an estimate and schedule services. When we leave your place, you’ll be quite impressed with the results.

We’ll clean anywhere and everywhere in the home. We’ll get underneath the rugs and the sinks and we never forget the corners of the room. Our cleaning team never cuts corners or rushes to finish the job. We think that every home deserves an immaculate clean and that’s exactly what we provide to every customer.

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A Place That Sparkles & Shines

Perhaps a regular cleaning service isn’t right for your needs. Some people prefer cleaning their own home. There are still many occasions when a housecleaner Montgomery County, MD benefits your needs. Don’t get your hands dirty or risk an unsatisfactory clean when you need to create a lasting impression.

There is no wrong time to hire our cleaning crew! If it’s clean that you want, it’s clean that you get when our cleaning experts are on the job. The occasions listed here are among the many when you’ll appreciate our help. We’d love to clean your home any time of the year!

Cleaning Services in Montgomery MD

House cleaners come out to clean for occasions such as:

Holiday Gatherings Icon

Holiday Gatherings

Holidays oftentimes bring families together for celebrations. If you're playing host to loved ones this holiday season, call in our crew to clean first. We'll make your home sparkle and shine from top to bottom. Loved ones will like what they see! You'll appreciate the immaculate home that didn't take hours on end to clean. Pick up the phone, call our professional maid Montgomery County, MD, and leave the cleaning detail to us. Our experts quickly and efficiently clean the home so your loved ones like what they see.


Selling a Home

Buyers know within seconds of viewing a home if its a property they’ll further purse. It’s important to capture the eye of a buyer quickly as a result. When a professional cleaner reveals her magic, the end result is a home that leaves buyers pleasantly impressed. Your home sparkles and shines inside and out after our cleaning crew is on the job. It’s much easier to sell a home that you've had professionally cleaned.

Move In Icon


Life is busy. Do you have the time to efficiently clean a home before you move-in? Maybe you don't, but our cleaning crew has all the time in the world and can come out to clean the house before you move-in. It's important that you clean the home before moving into your new residence. Even when the real estate agency promises it's been cleaned, do you really want to take their word for it? When we clean the home before move-in, you're left with confidence that the home is sanitary and safe for everyone in the family.

 Move Out Icon


It seems that many landlords are looking for reasons to keep tenant deposits upon move-out. A small line of grease left behind on the range could cost hundreds of dollars from your deposit amount. Our affordable move out cleaning service ensures the home is left spotless so your deposit is rightfully returned after move-out.

 Free Estimate Icon

Free Cleaning Estimate

No two customers pay the same amount of money to hire a professional maid. Factors like the frequency of cleaning, the rooms that need to be cleaned, etc. impact the costs of the job. Learn firsthand how much it will cost to hire our professional maid Montgomery County, MD with a free estimate. Just give us a call to request your estimate and we'll give you what you need. Compare our rates with the competition. We're confident in our low rates and think that you will like what you see.

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Customer Satisfaction is Important

We want our customers satisfied with their home after our cleaners wrap up the job. Satisfaction is one of the most important factors in our work. When we come to clean your property, we want to know that you're satisfied. We stand behind our work and behind our name. We want to not only meet your expectations but exceed your expectations. We make sure that we clean your home the right way, the first time around!

Top-Notch House Cleaning Services

A clean home makes us feel great. In fact, research proves that the cleanliness of our home affects our mood -as well as our health. Don't get your hands dirty to maintain the home and certainly doesn't leave the home a mess. Call us now to arrange house cleaning services and we'll make sure to clean every nook and cranny of the home. Our team strives to create a space that’s clean, healthy, and that makes you proud to call your own. If you need house cleaning Montgomery County, MD, let’s talk. We have what you want and need and would love to add your name to our list of satisfied customers.

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