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Regular Cleaning   This service is recommended for ongoing customers. It’s designed to keep the maintenance cleaning in perfect condition.

Deep Cleaning   This clean is recommended for new customers. If you choose this option the ongoing service will be priced at Regular Cleaning’s rate.

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Count on House Cleaning in Rockville that is Made to Please You

The level of quality you can expect is right in our name at Maid to Please when it comes to your Rockville maid service. We hold our staff to the highest standards. We know your home is like your castle. When our Rockville maids walk in the door, we treat it like it is our home. You can expect us to:

Cleaning before special occasions and the holidays

Weekly cleaning

Bi-weekly cleaning

Monthly cleaning

Your home will sparkle when we walk out the door. You'll see the difference the moment we are done, putting your mind at ease. Your home will have the kind of clean your mother expected when you were growing up.

The Customer is Always Right

At Maid to Please, our services for house cleaning Rockville MD revolve around you. We want you to get exactly what you have asked for every time. Call on us as needed. You may only want us to come in when you are getting ready for a birthday party, the family is flying in for Christmas, or it's time to freshen up with spring cleaning.

If you are getting ready to move, we are your go-to service to make sure your home is ready for the new homeowners. If your new residence is in one of the areas we serve, we'll be happy to help you to settle in so you'll feel like you're in your home sweet home.

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Our Schedule Will Fit Yours

Every homeowner is unique. When you bring in our maid service Rockville MD, we'll tailor our services to fit you. You may only want our maids to address high traffic areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

There may be other times when you want us to clean your home from top to bottom. We'll honor personal requests. Someone may be coming for an extended visit. We'll make sure the bedroom is up to par before their arrival.

We'll come in for you every week or you can schedule monthly visits. If you find a month is too long to wait, try every two weeks. When you see the results, you'll know what works best for you.

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Have Your Home Cleaned Your Way

We understand that some homeowners are extremely particular. Let us know what your expectations are. If you want extra attention given to a certain area, our cleaning service will stay on top of it. If you are at high risk for illnesses and need thorough disinfecting throughout your residence, say the word. We also offer products that are green if you have a concern with allergens or the environment. Ask us about all of our options.

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Discover What First Rate House Cleaning Can Do for Your Home

No matter how neat you are or how attentive you may be to your home, our team at Maid to Please can take it to the next level. Choose us when your schedule has become too busy to give your home the deep cleaning it deserves. If you are faced with an illness or injury that is holding you back, call on us to help until you are yourself again. Turn to us when your home needs that extra loving touch. It will be in good hands with our experienced, highly qualified staff.

Treat Yourself to Maid to Please Services

It's time you found out what Maid to Please can do for your home and your peace of mind. When your home is clean, it helps you to have a healthier state of mind. Put us in charge of cleaning for a day. Don't be surprised if you wonder how you ever lived without us.

We'll come back whenever it works for you. Begin with the click of a button on your computer or mobile device.

Let us know what kind of cleaning services you would like and when you would like to schedule a visit. We'll give you a quote right away so there are no surprises. We'll be an investment that offers you the reward of an inviting, sparkling home.

Maid to Please Rockville MD Cleaning Service

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Our building maintenance solutions can be customized to meet our exact needs

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