Sink Overflow Cleaning

If you have been in search of sink overflow cleaning hacks in order to make the clean up much easier, then you will find that this article will share helpful tips regarding how to clean sink overflow messes. When you follow the beneficial tips that are provided here, you will be much more prepared to clean sink overflow issues and the process will not seem as burdensome to deal with. 


Realizing the importance of the sink overflow

Sink Overflow Hole

It is time to examine the back area pertaining to the sink in your bathroom. Once you do this, you will view a hole that is small in size, which is placed beneath the area of the faucet and near the back area of the bowl of the sink. That hole is referred to as the overflow hole for your sink.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of people really do not give much consideration to the overflow hole of their bathroom sink. But it is vital to comprehend how this area works in order to make sure that the bathroom sink is completely clean and free of any clogs, etc. That is why it is beneficial for you to consider the following tips that we share regarding the process of cleaning the overflow hole of your sink in your bathroom.

The overflow hole is named well due to the fact that its purpose is to prevent any flooding of your sink. This hole achieves this purpose as a result of engaging in the diversion of water. This then permits you to have an increased amount of time to act prior to the water being able to flow over the sink rim in such cases that you or another person in your home, unfortunately, forgets to turn the faucet off or in such cases that there is the presence of a plumbing problem.


How to clean the overflow hole well

Sink Overflow Hole Blockage

It cannot be denied that it is of utmost importance to ensure that the overflow hole of the sink is kept free of anything that could otherwise cause a blockage. If there is the presence of some type of blockage in the region of the sink overflow, then the sink overflow is not able to function as it should. Besides just ensuring that the hole is clear, it is also important to ensure that it is clean since your bathroom is an area that is damp and hot and you do not wish to discover the presence of mold or mildew that is growing in the sink overflow.

For the sake of cleaning the overflow hole of the sink in your bathroom, there are some items that you will need. You will require the usage of a pipe cleaner or a brush for cleaning the skin. Also, you should have access to a funnel that is constructed of silicon, so that it can stand up to the temperature that is produced by boiling water--in other words, you want a funnel that is not a good conductor of heat to ensure that you will not get burned.

Then you will also require boiling water in the amount of two or three quarts. Now that you are ready to clean the sink overflow area, you will place the cleaning brush or the pipe clear in the area of the hole. You will push the brush within and out motions many times in the hole in order to ensure the removal of the most buildup and grime that you can possibly collect.

The next step is to boil some water. Place the funnel in the sink overflow area. In a slow manner, place the boiling water in the funnel that will then transmit the water to the sink overflow in order to result in the loosening and flushing of any buildup that has been left behind.

Do be mindful to be careful with the boiling water, as the steam and the boiling water could cause a bad burn. It may be practical to have someone help you at this stage of the process. Then repeat the various steps of the process as required in order to ensure the complete cleanliness of the sink overflow region.


Cleaning tips to remove bad smells from sink overflow

Cleaning Smelly Sink Overflow with Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you have noticed that there is the building up of some mildew in the region of the sink overflow, then this will create a pretty awful stink. It certainly is preferable that your sink overflow region will never reach that kind of drastic state. But if this does happen, then it is wise for you to comprehend how to get rid of such a terrible smell.

In order to be able to address the awful stench that is wafting from the overflow hole of the sink in your bathroom, you will need some items. You will need to get one cup of baking soda and one cup of distilled white vinegar. Moreover, you will need boiling water in the amount of two quarts.

You will further need a funnel that is constructed of silicon so that it can stand up to the temperature that is produced by boiling water. In other words, you want to ensure that you use a funnel that does not conduct heat well in order to ensure that you will not be burned when using the funnel. Now it is time to place the funnel in the sink overflow to begin the actual task of tackling the horrific smell.

Place the baking soda into the funnel. Then at a slow place, you will put the vinegar into the funnel as well, but do note that there will be a bit of fizzing. Allow this concoction to rest for a period of approximately fifteen minutes in order to permit the vinegar and the baking soda to do their amazing work of deodorization.

Flush the hole carefully by pouring the boiling water into the funnel. Work at a pace that is slow in order to prevent any splashing of water onto your skin, so that you do not get badly burned. Also, it may be wise to have a helper at this stage.

Do repeat these steps as required if the bad smell yet lingers. It does not take a lot of time to check your overflow hole in your sink. Also, the cleaning of the area does not take a long time.

But the truth is that doing these things does contribute to improved functionality. Also, this will prevent your bathroom from having a nasty smell that is unbearable.

If the nasty smell in your bathroom doesn’t disappear, you may want to call the professionals in home cleaning. Your bathroom and the rest of your house will not only smell good but it is totally clean which is very important these days where viruses are very alarming.

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